Well, they didn’t extend us like they said they would. My interview got a bit screwed up over that – not that I did very good in it anyway. Anyway we got laid-off on Friday. I don’t feel worried about it – until I think of job hunting and then I get paralyzed with fear and anxiety. I need to get out and get started, but this three day weekend has been oppressive. I’ve heard that Friday is the worst day to lose your job, as it gives you a weekend to stew and worry and no chance to do anything about it. I fully believe that now. I just hope I can get over my anxiety and get started tomorrow.

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Just Another Post To Show I’m Still Alive

Yep, still alive. Can’t evangelize Linux these days as my hard drive controller is on the fritz and I had two hard drive failures (in my Linux RAID array and in my LVM) as well. Windows freezes up every few hours when the SATA controller drops a drive. Sigh. Well, if I can nurse the poor machine until January I can put it out of my misery and build a new one. Only five months to go.

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Settling on an IDE – Maybe

I am leaning towards Anjuta as a C++ IDE for Linux. I really like Eclipse but the integrated Glade editor is pretty nice to have. I have a feeling though that I will get little actually done for a few days. I kinda wanna play some games.

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