Random thought…

Just finished the road back from Warsaw (Missouri), and had a thought for an improvement to Google Navigation.

I was driving MO-7 to US-71 back and the trip was putting me to sleep. Literally I had to slap myself a few times to stay awake. So I decided to take a break and get some caffeine in me. I got off at the Belton exit to visit the Quiktrip. Then my phone had a conniption. I had Google Navigation running even though I didn’t need it. It had issues with me taking a detour from it’s carefully planned path. I wasn’t supposed to exit, dammit! Take a right, she said. Do a u-turn she said. Make a left, she said.

What Google navigation was lacking was real panic and consternation at my decision to ignore it. Add a raised voice, a higher pitch, blunt orders followed up with denigrating comments. That is what Google Nav needs. “Turn around asshole!” would be appropriate. Or even a Cartmanesque “Respect my authority!”

Thank you Google. I hope you put this into the next version.

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